Langdon Academy

Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks

Senior Leadership Team and Key Staff

Mr J Brooks - Principal 

Mr P Whittle - Associate Principal

Ms C Hutson - Head of Primary Phase 

Mr O Kubweza - Vice Principal 

Ms S Sesay - Vice Principal 

Mr J Bilby - Assistant Principal 

Ms A Khan - Assistant Principal 

Ms S Ali - Assistant Principal

Mr S Hussain - Assistant Principal

Mr M Uddin - Assistant Principal

Mr J King - Assistant Principal - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms H Haque - School Business Manager

Ms T Hirani - Deputy Head of Primary

Mr J Lewis - Assistant Head of Primary

Mr J Armitage - Assistant Head of Primary

Ms A Patel - Lead Practitioner

Mr M O'Connor - Lead Practitioner

Mrs S Ali - Lead Practitioner

Mr R Sparham - Lead Practitioner

Ms I Pattman - Lead Practitioner

Mr S Khan - Lead Practitioner

Mr A Sheikh - Head of Learning - Year 11

Ms W Bernard - Head of Learning - Year 10

Ms K Murray - Head of Learning - Year 9

Ms L Teagle - Head of Learning - Year 8

Mr D King - Head of Learning  - Year 7

Mr J Olutoye - Head of Maths

Ms A Kilinchan  - Head of English

Mr B Chakraborty  - Head of Science 

Ms F Eastwood - Acting Head of Art, Craft & Design (Maternity Cover)

Ms A Nash - Head of Food

Mr B Panchandran - Head of Business Studies 

Ms G Lo - Acting Head of Music (Maternity Cover)

Mr A Shah - Head of Ethics & Philosophy

Ms S Patel - Head of Sociology

Mr M Samee - Head of Geography

Ms L Grandman - Head of KS4 MFL 

Ms E Halley - Head of KS3 MFL

Ms P Jagdev - Director of Sport 

Dr C Okpalanwankwo  - Head of Computer Science

Mrs N Khan - SENCO