Langdon Academy

Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks

Principal’s Welcome Statement

Welcome to the Langdon Academy website. Whether you are already part of our community, thinking of joining us, or just browsing out of curiosity, I hope you find the information you are looking for. I hope you will also gain a sense of the energy and professionalism behind Langdon’s rapid and impressive improvement, and see why that is set to continue and grow in the years ahead. 


Langdon is an ‘All-Through School’ providing excellent learning opportunities for children aged 4 to 16, enabling maximum continuity and progression in students’ development. We are also proud to offer Resourced Provision in both the Primary and Secondary phases for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Since becoming part of Brampton Manor Trust in 2014, Langdon has been transformed, with substantial improvements in examination results and rates of student progress which have taken the school far above the national average.

If you’re already part of our school community, you’ll be pleased to know that Ofsted carried out a full inspection of the academy in May 2019 and confirmed that Langdon is a “Good School”. We’ve been confident about that for some time. You will see from the Ofsted Report (May 2019) that inspectors commented on the strong progress that the school has made, making many positive comments, such as:

Throughout the school:

  • “The school provides its pupils with a good education”;
  • “Teaching and pupils’ outcomes are good overall, but with some that are outstanding”;
  • “Pupils make good progress overall”;
  • “Pupils behave well, work hard in lessons and are keen to succeed”.

In the Primary Phase:

  • Children get off to a good start in the early years . . . and make good progress in their academic and social development”;
  • Standards in Phonics in Year 1 “were above the national average”;
  • Standards of reading, writing and mathematics at the end of Key Stage 1 “represented good progress from pupils’ starting points”;
  • “Pupils benefit from specialist teaching and the use of the school’s facilities for Music, French, Computing, Physical Education and Art”;
  • At Key Stage 2, “the proportion of students that reached the higher standard was above average”.

 In the Secondary Phase:

  • “Teaching in the secondary phase is highly effective as teaching and assessment sharply meets pupils’ needs”;
  • “In many subjects, pupils make substantial progress to reach standards that are above national average because of high quality teaching and subject leadership”;
  • “Pupils in key stages 3 and 4 make substantial and sustained progress in most subjects because teaching in those subjects is routinely outstanding”;
  • In 2018, pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, working towards GCSE examinations made very strong progress across a range of subjects, including English and mathematics;
  • Teachers mostly use questioning skilfully to probe pupils’ responses and to make them think deeply.

Since Ofsted’s visit in May 2019, our results have continued to improve and the 2022 Key Stage 2 SATs results demonstrate that improvement.  Every single measure in our Primary phase is now at, or above the national average, which is wonderful news for our current pupils. At Key Stage 4, the progress that students make from their starting point is significantly above the national average and puts the school in the top 15% across the country. And we’re still improving!

Like our partner school, Brampton Manor Academy, we believe in doing the simple things well. Our growing academic success is built on high standards of discipline, the recruitment of excellent staffclear expectations for all, and outstanding effort.

The curriculum in all Key Stages is tailored to the needs of each student, providing a balance of challenge and support to enable each child to achieve their potential. We demand effort and determination from all students and believe that if the effort is right the progress will be outstanding. We also demand high personal standards in relation to attendance, punctuality and behaviour. 

Our school motto ‘Progressio Cum Populo’ (Progress with the People) defines our purpose and reminds us of our principles. Our purpose is to ensure maximum progress for each student in every aspect of their development, and we are reminded that this is best achieved through partnership with them, their families, and our wider community. Since the 1950s this motto has underpinned the school’s values, though never more powerfully than it does today.

Langdon is a vibrant and harmonious community in which every child can feel safe, secure and able to thrive. Our core values of respect, equality, honesty and community define our culture and  ensure that every child feels cared for, valued and enabled to contribute to their school and society.

Our 43-acre, greenfield site provides an almost unparalleled setting for a London school, and a rich learning resource for our students. What’s more, we have impressive facilities in every phase and in every subject area.

Whilst ‘Specialist Colleges’ no longer exist, Langdon still lives up to its formidable sporting legacy with exceptional facilities and expert teaching and coaching. Our role is to identify and nurture the talent of our students to help them achieve their potential in a wide range of sports and to keep the trophy cabinet as full as possible.

Whatever their talents or needs, every parent wants their child to make excellent progress in school, to be happy, to make friends, to develop high personal standards, to behave well, to be motivated and, most of all, to be safe. That is our job, as well as our passion, at Langdon Academy.

So, if you were thinking of joining our community as a student, a parent or a member of staff, there’s never been a better time to do so.

Do browse further to learn more and please get in touch if you don’t find what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to help.

Jamie Brooks