Langdon Academy

Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks


Examination Board:


GCSE (9-1)Combined Science : Double Award Linear Year 10 &11 leading to 2 GCSEs (17 point scale e.g. 9-9, 9-8……1-1)

6 x 1 hour 10 min external exams

(2 x Biology, 2 x Chemistry, 2 x Physics ) 60 marks per paper

Foundation :- 1-5 Higher:-4-9 (4-5=C)

No Controlled Assessment or ISA

There will be at least 16 core practicals in 2 years. 

Triple Sciences

GCSE Biology: 2 papers

GCSE Chemistry: 2 papers

GCSE Physics: 2 papers

Each Paper: 100 marks; 1hour 45 mins

Foundation :- 1-5 Higher:-4-9 (4-5=C)

These exams have the same content as Combined science papers, with extra questions on separate science topics. No ISAs. At least 8 required core practicals in each. 

Changes in the Assessment style:

The practical knowledge and skills students gain from their practical work will be assessed in actual exams, as there will no longer be any coursework units. 15% marks in exam papers will be allocated for knowledge, understanding and application of Practical skills(Skills & Techniques)

There will be greater emphasis on Mathematical skills on all the GCSE Science papers as follows:Biology: 10%, Chemistry: 20%, Physics 30%Combined Science in the ratio of 1:2:3There will be a mix of question styles- Multiple choice, short answer and Extended open response (6marks) to test students’ breadth and depth of understanding across the full course of study.The required Core Practicals are integrated throughout the specification, fitting seamlessly within the topics and ensuring students cover all the required practical techniques and apparatus set out by the DfE.   

What qualifications will I get?  

You will obtain one of the following qualifications at the end of the course

  • Triple Science: You will get three GCSEs: a GCSE each in Biology,   Chemistry and Physics
  • Combined Science: You will get two Science GCSEs at the end of Yr11 exams