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Mr Jamie Brooks


 As you can read elsewhere on our website, our 2017 GCSE Results are the best ever achieved in Langdon’s long and illustrious history.

But for three students in particular, the personal achievement is particularly sweet.

This was the year that the government introduced new, much tougher GCSE examinations in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, alongside a new grading system going from Grade 9 down to Grade 1.

Schools across the country were braced for a situation in which very few students would achieve the new top grade – Grade 9 - the standard for which is higher than the old A*.

However, at Langdon we had many students who achieved a Grade 9, and three exceptional students who gained Grade 9 in all three of the new examinations.

Maheep Ghuman (top right) is aiming to be a merchant banker, and with his perfect 999 and his other outstanding grades, the sky is the limit for this successful young man.

Hussain Ahmed (left) is justifiably smiling at his exam results and is aiming to study Dentistry after completing his A Levels, hopefully bringing a similarly confident smile to his future patients.

But what about Zubida Mukhtar (right)?

Not only did she achieve the maximum grades in the three new exams, she also achieved the maximum grade in the remaining nine subjects she took at GCSE.

            With maximum grades in    every subject,  no-one in the country has achieved  better grades this year. Surely no-one would question Zubida’s potential to achieve her aim of becoming a medical doctor.

All three of these students have aspirations to enter highly competitive

careers, but with the results they’ve achieved at Langdon, they’ll be hard for the rest of the competition to keep up with.