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Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks

Foundation Curriculum

Our Foundation Curriculum at Langdon Academy

At Langdon Academy we have a fun, engaging, comprehensive and all-inclusive standards based curriculum that meets and exceeds the expectations set out by the national curriculum.

Our core values of respect, fairness, independence, compassion, honesty and determination are essential to successful learning and these underpin everything that we do.

We believe that providing our children with a broad, rich and balanced curriculum will empower them to grow into accomplished, knowledgeable and confident young people.

The curriculum is designed to provide our children with the essential knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

We teach the foundation subjects through projects; these focus on a specific area within that subject and this enables  the children to immerse themselves in that topic.  Our projects vary in length depending on the number of curriculum objectives for that specific subject.  We assess the children's progress throughout the project as well as at the end and this ensures we have a clear picture of our children's attainment, allowing us to continue to meet their needs effectively.

We aim to make our projects child centred, wide-ranging and practical where possible as it has been proven that when children are physically engaged and excited about their learning, they become more effective learners.  We also plan a range of trips, guest visits and special events to enrich and provide opportunities for our children to learn in a variety of different ways. Last year we participated in more than 80 educational visits and these trips have really helped our children consolidate and build on their learning.

Being an all-through school provides us with the fantastic opportunity to share the facilities and resources available in the secondary phase. Specialist secondary teaching takes place regularly which ensures all of our children throughout KS2 have exposure to this expertise. Below are some examples of the excellent links that have helped enrich our children's education:

  • Working with specialist language teachers, which provides our children a head start in learning French. It capitalises on the innate ability for children to learn foreign languages quicker than adults;
  • Seeing, sharing and participating in secondary drama providing the children with experiences that otherwise would only be achieved through planned trips;
  • Receiving training from specialist PE teachers, which gives the children a competitive edge when competing in local and national competitions;
  • Gaining access to the computing rooms and specialist teachers, which gives the children a develop an understanding of the principles of computer science and learn about programming, data, algorithms and networks;
  • Developing music skills and exposure to music specialists help our children develop the knowledge and understanding of music through playing instruments and writing their own music.
  • Working with key specialist staff in Maths, English and Science, which helps prepare our children for their eventual move to Year 7 in a seamless and fluid way;

Learning at Langdon Academy alternates between whole class teaching, collaborative work along with independent learning.  Our curriculum ensures that every child has the best chance of success in all areas of the curriculum.

We have designed an engaging, dynamic and successful curriculum here at Langdon Academy and we continuously strive towards further excellence.

Our curriculum map for the school can be found here:

Primary Curriculum Map


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More information on the DfE set national curriculum, which we meet and exceed, can be found here Web icon

In the leaflets below, you can find out about the expectations for English and Maths in each year group.


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Year 6

Currently many of the below events that enrich our curriculum have been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however we have embraced the virtual world and are working with outside providers such as a Scottish Farm and St Paul's Cathedral to bring these enrichment experiences into the classroom.  We have embraced Microsoft teams and Zoom to engage with parents as well as sharing what the children are doing in school through Class Story on ClassDojo.

Trips and Events are organised each term for each year group to enrich the curriculum and give children real-life experiences that help them consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.  You can find all the current opportunities planned for the children by looking in our Diary.  

We run a number of clubs that the children love to participate in. These run alongside our curriculum and encourage the children to develop their skills outside of the classroom.  

We provide a range of opportunities for parents and carers to come and experience their child’s achievements, these include: regular assemblies that are led by the children where they share their recent learning; parent activities which encourage parents to come into school and get involved in the fun; performances that give our children the opportunity to express themselves as well as more formal events including open evenings, opportunities to discuss the children's learning reports and to attend consultation evenings.