Langdon Academy

Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks

Primary Autism Resource Provision



In Primary we have 14 places for children who have a diagnosis for autism or other associated disorders. The school receives additional funding to meet the complex learning needs of our children with ASD. This is used to fund a specialist teacher who is trained in SCERTS, additional teaching assistants to work alongside our children and up to date resources to ensure our children receive the best experiences possible when at school.

We use the SCERTS framework to re-address the core difficulties and challenges that children with Autism face in their everyday lives. This includes Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Supports (SCERTS).

We use the child’s interests and motivators as a starting point and build on that to ensure every child is able to learn and progress. We map personal progress from the child’s own starting points. We believe that learning through every day activities and generalising these skills are the best way for children with autism to learn. We believe that learning should be fun, motivating and functional. We encourage children to develop their own interests and use these as motivators as starting points for our own topics. The children also have many opportunities to play and interact with their mainstream buddies and classmates. 

The children have an opportunity to develop their attention and focus in Attention Autism groups run by our teaching assistant for speech therapy. They have access to the sensory circuit every morning to help with emotional regulation and the children also do life skills to support their understanding of everyday activities and to develop independence.

Our aim is to ensure that all children are happy and safe at school and feel part of the school community.