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Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks

What we have been up to

At Langdon Academy we believe that all children deserve the best experiences and learning opportunities and our curriculum has been designed to ensure these opportunities flow through every classroom, everyday.  Learning at Langdon is engaging, challenging, fun and the activities always encourage the children to ask questions and extend their thinking as they become confident, independent life-long learners.

Here are a few examples of what we have been up to recently:



The children have been super busy refining their knowledge about food and cooking.  They also had a special guest during World Book Day!




The children learnt about weather and seasons and they used UV bracelets to help them understand the effects of the sun's rays during different conditions.  They were fascinated when they changed colour during breaktime! 



The children in Year 2 have been really busy learning about plants in their science learning.  The children observed the process of germination overtime and enjoyed monitoring this. 

Year 2 also recreated the Great Fire of London to kick start their latest history topic!


Year 3

The children in Year 3 became Ancient Egyptian's for the day!

They also took their art learning outside and used nature to create some beautiful work.


Year 4

The children in Year 4 became Anglo-Saxons for the day during their visit to Mountfitchet Castle to help them understand what life was like during the Middle Ages.



Year 5 

Our Year 5 children became Master Chefs as they headed over to secondary to use their kitchen facilities to make delicious soup from scratch!



Year 6

The children in Year 6 found practical applications for their electricity knowledge in science and they amazed everyone with their excellent bridge creations during their DT project.



Autumn Term 2021


The children in Reception have been learning about animals and how to look after their pet fish. They had to make sure it had water in the tank and they fed it with fish food everyday. As scientists, they observed the fish and made lots of drawings.

The children also made cupcakes when learning Maths. They needed to measure the ingredients and mix them all.

They also decorated them with some icing. To make icing they had to mix water with icing sugar. The sugar dissolved in water!  All the children had a lot of fun!

They also explored their senses when we baking; everyone loved the smell of the vanilla flavouring.



The children in Year 1 have been really busy but they have particularly enjoyed their RE learning.  The children looked at a range of different religions as well as sharing what is special to them and their family.



This term Year 2 have been on a Pokémon hunt in geography. They used maps of the school to help navigate their way around and marked an X on the spot where they found Pokémon. The children were able to practise their map reading skills, which, they then used in their future geography lessons, especially when they had to create a map of the school themselves.

The children have also been outside creating natural art work for their RE project. This term they have been learning about the story of creation. The children went outside and found lots of objects such as flowers, sticks and leaves to create a piece of art work. After a few weeks they created their own garden of Eden/garden of paradise designs.

They also went to the zoo to find out about animals to support their writing and science learning.



Year 3 worked really hard with their science too.  They planned and carried out investigations about magnets and friction and they really developed their scientific enquiry skills.

The children also enjoyed their RE work where they made stained glass windows.

"It was perfect because I enjoyed painting the stained glass window." - Maria

"It was amazing because we could experiment with different colours." - Sania

"Once we drew the outline and then filled the inside, it looked really good." - Jody

"It was exciting because we coloured geometric patterns." - Edris

"It was fun because we got to use special pens and it looked good at the end - David 



Year 4 have been learning about the Romans during history lessons. They discovered when and why Romans invaded Britain. They also took this opportunity to learn about some famous personalities e.g. Julius Caesar, Boudicca, Cleopatra.

Children enjoyed the role play lesson where they empathised with Roman soldiers. Children identified how Romans were successful due to their forward planning and various strategies.

“I loved dressing up as a Roman soldier. Just a part of the armour (helmet) is so heavy, how did the soldier move wearing their full armour?” – Navid

“It was so cool!!! I want to be a soldier.” – Kaidan

“Why did Romans want so much land? Why were they so greedy?” - Erick



When learning about negative numbers the children used chalk to draw a number line in the playground. This helped them to physically move along the number line to understand how the intervals work and they could then apply this learning when reading a thermometer.

“This was the best lesson ever!!!” – Ismaeel

“When counting in negatives the value decreases as the numbers increase.” – Elil

“Negative numbers are so easy!” – Elenora

“We see negative numbers in a lift.” - Alexandra

In Year 4 the children also loved their science work about teeth, the digestive system and they even managed to squeeze in some keyboard time!







In Year 5, the children learnt about Earth and Space in Science. They carried out experiments on shadows, where they measured the length of shadows at different times of the day. They also learnt about the moon phases and observed patterns in the moon.


“It was an amazing experience because we got to know how shadows work and how a shadow is made.” - Shakur

“The experiment was really fun and I learnt a lot about shadow’s and how it changes throughout the day.” - Darin

“When I was doing the experiment, I learnt that the shadow is the shortest at midday.” - Fatima

In Art the children created their own version of ‘The Great Wave’, inspired by the Japanese artist Hokusai. They sketched boats and waves and used water colour paints to complete the painting.

“I learnt that Hokusai is a Japanese artist and he is famous for The Great Wave.” - Zoona

“I enjoyed creating my own version of The Great Wave using water colour paints.” - Aadam

“I learnt about the different patterns and textures that Hokusai used in his painting.” - Amayah



Year 6 have worked really hard in all their subjects but they particularly enjoyed their history learning where they become WW2 experts and even designed and built their own shelters!