Langdon Academy

Langdon Academy: An all through education for ages 3-16

Executive Principal
Dr Dayo Olukoshi OBE
Mr Jamie Brooks

STAFFING 2023-2024

Head of Primary - Ms C Hutson

Assistant Headteacher - Mr J Lewis

Assistant Headteacher - Mr J Armitage

SENDco - Ms I Woodgate

Assistant SENDco - Ms E Ellis

Learning Mentor/Safeguarding Officer - Ms L Cole

Admin Officer - Ms O Chiu

Admin Assistant - Ms A Scott

Year Group Teachers Pupil Support

Byrd Class - Ms J Davis

Beethoven Class - Ms T Patel




Ms S Makardam

Ms P Sajeev

Ms N Begum

Ms A Bedi

PALL: Ms Hadzic


Year 1

Corelli Class - Ms L Chavardes 

Chopin Class - Ms K Mahmood


Ms S Scott

Ms B Raymode

PALL: Ms M Wingate



Year 2

Debussy  Class - Mr S Crabbe

Dowland Class - Ms N Chowdhury


Ms K Fatima

PALL: Ms M Akhtar 

PALL: Ms G Pushpakanthan

Year 3

Haydn Class - Ms S Qureshi

Handel Class - Ms E Ho


Ms N Affendi

Ms S Ahmed
Ms G Bruce-Annan

PALL: Ms M Akther

PALL: Ms R Rani

Year 4

Mahler Class - Mr S Rigelsford

Mozart Class - Mrs S Sardar


Ms B Sharma

PALL: Ms J Reddiar 

PALL: Ms L Nagulendra

Year 5

Schubert Class - Ms N Aktar

Smetana Class - Ms R Roy

Ms A Nadat

Ms A Kour

PALL: Ms A Raina 

PALL: Ms K Goyal 

Year 6

Vivaldi Class - Ms M Begum

Verdi Class - Ms T Mamuji




Ms H Qureshi

PALL: Ms A Shah

PALL: Ms M Ajith


Resource Provision for Autism

Elgar Class - Ms S Williams 






Ms A Minseviciene (GTA)

Ms E Adigan

Ms S Begum

Ms R Khan

Ms I Pereira Barreto

Ms M Mannan

Ms J Wright

Ms R Begum

Ms G Bruce Annan 

Ms M Simi

*Play and Lunch Leader
Graduate Teaching Assistant